An Asphalt Solution to a Concrete Problem

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Professional Development
23 March, 2023, 18:00 to 19:30
An Asphalt Solution to a Concrete Problem
Scottish Branch
John Scott & Kyle Dickerson
BEAR Scotland
University Of Abertay (room 2517),
40 Bell Street Dundee, DD1 1HG United Kingdom,
[Please note this event was originally advertised as
being held at Dundee University, this was information
provided in error - the correct venue is now listed,
University of Abertay]

The A90 trunk road is a critical link between the central
belt and the oil and gas heartlands in the north east of
Scotland. At Brechin, the A90 forms a 6.3km bypass
both northbound and southbound around the cathedral
city, approximately midway between Dundee and

The pavement at Brechin is a continuously reinforced
concrete pavement (CRCP), one of only a handful
remaining in Scotland. Since its construction in 1994, it
has required maintenance on a frequency not normally
expected in a pavement of its age and type. This talk
will highlight the long timeline, wide range of
investigations, local sensitivities and evaluation of
suitable engineering options required to enable the
potential solution to be delivered. The maintenance
option delivered balances network need, value for
money and sustainability, and feeds into a longer term
strategy for management of this section of the A90
trunk road.

Join Kyle Dickerson and John Scott from BEAR Scotland
as they guide you through the past, present and
possible future of this unique piece of pavement

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