SCI: Road Surfacing Binder - Future Challenges

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13 March, 2024, 09:30-16:15
SCI: Road Surfacing Binder - Future Challenges

Bitumen is a complex visco-elastic material, derived from the hard end of the hydro-carbon spectrum, which is used as the binder in the majority of flexible road pavements since the demise of coal tar in the middle of the last century. However, changes in the oil industry, including impact of new regulations, in the light of climate change results in new challenges for the production of bitumen. Bitumen has been enhanced with different properties, with a focus on reduced environmental impact and improved sustainability, and other types of binder have also been investigated. The symposium is intended to set out the position of bitumen continuing as a useful engineering material that is key to an efficient road network in this and other countries.

This event will consider the new challenges for bitumen and look at the recent developments in bitumen products and new types of binder for road surfacing, including the use of high-performance additives, and alternative materials from waste and other sources.


This event will be of interest to those working in highway authorities, civil and military airport authorities, road and railway engineering consultants, university civil engineering departments, construction materials testing laboratories, as well as materials suppliers and contractors, and road and airfield construction contractors and operators.

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