A New Class of Sustainable Asphalt Modification

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Professional Development (CPD)
05 December, 2023, 12:00-13:00
A New Class of Sustainable Asphalt Modification
Sebastian Miesem
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Butonal MB 5126 is a mechanically stable latex polymer
dispersion designed to inject directly into an asphalt mixer.
It ensures improvements in binder properties, such as a
higher softening point and lower penetration. In the
asphalt, the viscosity is temporarily reduced by foaming
the bitumen caused by the small amount of water of the
dispersion. This is advantageous when mixing the asphalt.

As a result Butonal MB 5126 greatly enhances hot mix and
also warm mix asphalt performance, including the
production of performance-graded asphalts. Modification
with these elastomers widens the asphalt’s useful
temperature interval to improve resistance to rutting at
high temperatures. The resulting binder also displays
superb resilience to improve the pavement’s fatigue
behavior, while diminishing any wear-induced cracking.

Incorporating Butonal MB 5126 into asphalt production
aligns with net-zero ambitions by offering a method to
reduce carbon footprint within the traditional Polymer
Modified Bitumen (PMB) value chain. The ability to modify
asphalt directly at the mixing plant circumvents the
energy-intensive processes typically associated with PMB,
leading to substantial carbon savings and contributing to
the sustainability goals of the industry.

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