IAT Annual Conference 2023 Technical Papers

Content from 'Building Roads Sustainably,' 17-18 May 2023, Heathrow, London

Technical Paper

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  1. Keynote
    Steve Elderkin
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  2. Decarbonisation through Procurement & Supply Chain Management
    Dr. Jas Kalra
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  3. Carbon Management at Transport for London
    Ryan Cooper
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  4. The roadmap to carbon reduction from a designer’s perspective
    Dr David Jackson
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  5. Our Vision to be UK Leader of Innovative and Sustainable Building Solutions
    Janine Hughes
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  6. Bio-Binder Developments
    Professor Gordon Airey
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  7. Efficiency through Automation of Data Capture
    Alan Ferguson
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    Laura Traseira Pineiro, Robin Hudson-Griffiths, James Burdall
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