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The Institute is the Professional Body for persons working in the field of Asphalt Technology and for those interested in all aspects of the Manufacture, Placing, Technology and Uses of materials containing Asphalt or Bitumen.

This article briefly looks at the history of the IAT and its activities. To see where the IAT is going in the next few years, please have a look at our infographic.


The Institute was founded in 1966 as a Learned Society by a group of far-sighted practitioners in the belief that there was a need for sharing technical information, educating new people into and within the Industry and for setting and protecting standards across the Industry. To this end a professional exam moderated by the Institute was established during 1967. Education in Applied Engineering and Asphalt technology was the driving force to establish the credibility of its high intentions, and to give control over technical excellence.

In 1980, the Institute became Incorporate by Guarantee, not having a Share Capital. The structure of the company and the conduct of its members are dictated by the Articles of Association. Membership of the Institute is open to all sectors of the industry; from Quarries, Manufacturing Plants, Laboratories, Airport and Highway Surfacing, to Building and Construction Mastic and from the Client or Architectural and Consultant Engineering sectors of the industry.

Education and Qualifications

A route to registration with Engineering Council is available to members, for academic qualifications and NVQ at Level 3 and higher. The Institute is in partnership with Institute of Quarrying, University of Derby and Industry to develop 'Open Learning' routes to Higher Education. A fully audited CPD system has been in force since 1994. This is now also offered in online form via the website.

Branch Network

There are 9 regional branches in the UK and Republic of Ireland, plus a long-standing interest from overseas members. Branches run regular local Conferences, Seminars, Site visits, Technical evenings and Training days to keep the membership abreast of contractual, engineering, material and plant design changes. Technical events are often shared with sister institutions.

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