Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedure


Code of Conduct

This code of conduct identifies the obligations applicable to all members of the Institute of Asphalt Technology (IAT) in respect to the way they represent themselves, project the image of the IAT and complement the professional standing of both the IAT and its membership.

Members of the IAT shall at all times:

  1. Consider the Health and Safety of themselves, their colleagues and members of the public to reduce the risk of any avoidable accidents or dangerous occurrences.
  2. Take all reasonable steps for themselves and their colleagues to reduce any adverse impact on the environment.
  3. Maintain a personal record of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) following the guidelines of the IAT. Alternative systems of CPD recording can be utilised if the relevant information is recorded.
  4. Encourage others to advance their learning and competence and to record this competence using the IAT CPD record system.
  5. Undertake only those tasks and activities in which they personally are competent and to accept appropriate responsibility for any work carried out under their direct supervision.
  6. Treat all persons fairly, without bias and the appropriate respect.
  7. Maintain at all times and in all forums the professional status and standing of the Institute and to reject any offers or suggestions of bribery, collusion or any other practices that would denigrate the Institute and/or its membership.
  8. Observe and respect any duties of confidentiality owed to the appropriate parties.
  9. Notify the Institute of any significant violation of this code of conduct by another member.

Disciplinary Procedure

In the event that a member is considered to have violated the code of conduct, details on the contravention will be passed on to the Membership Committee who will consider which of the following courses of action should be recommended to Council depending on the severity of the breach.

  1. A warning letter sent to the member advising the details of the violation and requesting a response in writing to the Secretary within 7 days. In the event that the contravention is accepted, the member will be requested in writing to immediately cease the inappropriate conduct and desist in future.
  2. Immediate suspension of membership until the Membership Committee has had the opportunity to consider the violation and to advise Council on the appropriate course of action.

In both situations, a member shall be afforded the opportunity to explain to the Membership Committee either in writing or in person any mitigation to the identified breach in conduct before any further action is taken.