Past Presidents, Honorary Fellows and Members of Senate

The following lists contain the names of many who have contributed to making the Institute what it is today.

Past Presidents

Year Elected Name
2017 A Ferguson, FIAT
2015 G Walsh, FIAT
2013 A Hannah, FIAT
2011 J Laitinen, FIAT
2009 C Lycett, Hon.FIAT
2007 B C Bolden, FIAT
2005 I D Walsh MBE, FIAT
2003 S M Child, FIAT
2001 J M Bradshaw-Bullock, FIAT
1999 H R Perkins, FIAT
1997 A W Christie, FIAT
1996 V Moore, FIAT
1994 C Rose, FIAT
1993 A T Pakenham, FIAT
1992 I J Dussek, OBE, Hon FIAT
1990 K A Riley, Hon FIAT
1988 W B Nickson, FIAT
1986 F M L Akeroyd, Hon FIAT
1983 A W M Burman, FIAT
1980 G F Brantingham, DFC
1979 G J Rayner, Hon FIAT
1974 R G Martin
1966 Sir H Manzoni, CBE

Honorary Fellows

F S Baxter
A Bird
G Brantingham, DFC
G Bromage
Prof S F Brown, OBE
S A Van Der Byl
K D Coe
D M Colwill, OBE
A F Constantine
I J Dussek, OBE
G L Ford
A J Foster
A Hannah
I L Jamieson
J V Leigh, OBE
C Lycett
C Malone
D Miles
V Moore
A P Morter
G J Rayner
K A Riley
F A Wadelin
C D Whiteoak

Members of Senate

G Walsh, FIAT
C Lycett, Hon FIAT
J T Laitinen, FIAT
R C Bolden, FIAT
J M Bradshaw-Bullock, FIAT
S M Child, FIAT
A W Christie, FIAT
I J Dussek, OBE, Hon FIAT
V Moore, FIAT
W B Nickson, FIAT
H R Perkins, FIAT
G J Rayner, Hon FIAT
K A Riley, Hon FIAT