Pavement Efficiency Group
Wednesday 22 January

Pennines Branch Event Details

Date Wednesday 22 January
Title Pavement Efficiency Group
Speakers Jon Cole Highways England
James Burdall AECOM
Event Type Physical
Venue Statham Lodge Hotel
Location Warrington Road, Lymm, Cheshire
Postcode W13 9BP
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Time 18:30 refreshments, 19:00 paper
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More details This presentation would focus on our work on the Pavement Efficiency Group (PEG). PEG is tasked with contributing efficiency savings on capital expenditure of at least £350 m in RIS 1 (2015 – 2020). This presentation is intended to provide discussions on our work in:

- Identifying pavement efficiencies and developing technical content using innovative digital tools such as Prezi and PowerBi.

- Contributing at least £350 m towards Highways England KPI 7 by working with Highways England Project Managers and the Supply Chain. This includes enabling the identification and implementation of pavement efficiencies whilst creating a legacy of continuous improvement.

- Sharing efficiency best practice and engagement within Highways England and its Supply Chain.