Pavement Engineer Certificate

Certification Route

Table 2 summarises the route by which a Certificate of Competency in Pavement Engineering is obtained.

Portfolio of Evidence Route
Evidence to be included in the portfolio:
  • Details of how a candidate meets the pavement team training skills and experience core requirements as detailed in section 3 above
  • Example pavement design reports with details of the candidate’s contribution to the pavement investigation, design and construction.
  • A witness statement from an appropriate person vouching for the candidate’s portfolio submission and that the candidate has an acceptable level of understanding of the core requirements identified above. The witness will hold a recognised qualification in the field of pavement engineering or hold a senior professional position within the relevant company or Organisation.
The portfolio of evidence will be signed by the candidate and submitted to an independent professional Organisation, or company approved by Highways England. This professional body or company is responsible for reviewing a candidate’s submissions and, where appropriate, issuing the Certificate of Competency in Pavement Engineering
Table 2. Certification Route